In today’s article, I am going to tell you what VPN (Virtual Private Network) is, and how it works. Through which blocked websites can be accessed. By using this virtual private network such a network, you can access the website privately and securely. Which does not leak or theft your data?

What is VPN How it works Virtual Private Network and Why do i need it1

If we talk about internet connection, then you will make a connection from different ISP (Internet Service Provider). For example, you use Airtel, Jio, Idea and Internet. If you have to visit a website, then you will be visiting from PC or mobile. When you visit a website, the first thing to do is to send a request for that website to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). And this ISP takes you to the website where you have to visit. But when the request is sent while visiting the website, then the IP address and other data are also sent. And at this time hackers can theft your data, For example, personal data and passwords.

All of this can happen when you are using public Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi. Mostly, data can be encrypted in some cases, so that your data is saved. Some websites are blocked by ISP’s or the Government for Examples torrent and copyright website. How does the government block these websites? So ISP’s are told that if a request comes from these domains or from the IP, then block it there, which keeps the blocked website. Or there is also some content that is available in a particular country and cannot be seen in India. For example, some shows of Netflix are not available for the USA only but you cannot watch this show from India, so here it is VPN.

How does VPN work? When a request is sent to visit the website, the ISP sends you to the website. If you are using VPN then the ISP thinks that you have to reach the VPN Server. Your data is encrypted or you can say the tunnel is created, and after that, this VPN Server has reached you on the website where you want to visit. Here the data is encrypted, So your ISP or government does not know which website you are visiting. The ISP only knows that you are connected to that VPN Server, but the ISP does not know that you are visiting any other website using VPN.

So by using a VPN, you can accept block websites or content which is available in a particular region. But here you cannot be completely anonymous even if your ISP does not know which website you are visiting from the VPN server and that VPN server will know. Because that VPN will also be connected to the ISP of some country, then your data will remain there.

A lot of VPN Services are available on Play Store which is tree end free. You should not use free VPN Services in this. Well, these VPN Services can hack you and steal your data. Speed ​​is also found in low-cost VPN for free. So most free VPN Services are fake.

Paid VPN has monthly plans that you can use VPN Service by purchasing. These have the highest number of different countries, by connecting them, you can private lexis the website. But all countries have their laws or terms and conditions, in which if our government asks for data from that VPN Service, then that VPN Service easily gives data to our government. And there are some VPN Services which also have a no-log policy. Meaning if you use such a PAN Service, then the data you visit on any website will not be recorded with that VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services.

So this is the VPN that you can use to access the website privately and securely.


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