So guys, if you are thinking that your phone is working quite slow and you are thinking, how to boost it within one minute. So you are in the right place. And today will know about How to make any Android device work fast with the help of some tips & tricks So, Let’s Check It Out.

This we need Developer options. To enable this go to your “about phone” in settings and Tap the” build number” 7 times. After which it will need your passcode If you don’t have a password on your phone then it will not ask. After which your developer options will get enabled. You have to find these developer options in your phone setting or maybe in the “other setting” option Different phones have different placing for these options. In One Plus device you can find these developer options in the system quite easily. In these options, we have to enable and disable some settings, after which your phone will get quite faster.

6 way to speed up your android device

Logger Buffer Size

Now, what is this logger buffer size? More will be the buffer size for storing an app. That much less time will the app take to launch think it of as a room. Example: If the room is empty and you want to put some things in it. So you can directly put it in the room and come out But if the room is full, so you have to give some time before adding the new ones for adjusting the things already present in it. So that will take more time.

Increase the buffer size if your phone is working too slow but I recommend the default settings But if your phone is too slow or it’s quite old so you can definitely increase the buffer size and your loading time will get reduced.

Drawing Animation scale

We will talk about the animations scale or Drawing Animation scale. It decides the time of the animation while opening an app or UI. By default, it is set on 1X but to make it fast you can disable it, in which you will not get the animation and all the work like opening an app or in UI will be direct. You can clearly see the difference between 1X and 0X, that how much difference is here how much time an animation is taking Here is a slo-mo, so you can get a perfect idea about the time. If you are phone is slow, then you can definitely turn it off.

Hardware Accelerated

Hardware Accelerated Rendering In this we use GPU for some rendering, so that processing of our CPU gets faster, and our phone works smoothly. So what we have to do is, we have to enable forced GPU rendering Search for it and enable it. But for Android 10 Users, you can’t find this option because, in Android 10, it is now a default function by Google.

So if your phone has below 10 Android versions, Do enable this feature Android 10 has enabled this by default. So without any doubt, it is an awesome feature to increase the phone’s speed.


Now another option is 4X MSAA Please turn it off, because It is good for gaming if you do hardcore gaming then don’t turn it off. So that you can get the full power of your GPU But it will consume a lot of power. If you don’t do such hardcore gaming, so do turn it off so that along with the power you also get some battery-saving trick And your battery can also run smoothly.

Disable HW Overlays

It also has to be off because it also drains your battery so keep it off in all of your devices.

Background Process Limit

If your device is ultimately slow Means if the problem is very big, so search for it in developer options and set it on 4. If you still feel slowness in your device then set on 3, The background processes will get limited to it and every other process will automatically get stopped. So that you do not have to keep too many apps processes in the background and your device gets light. While using but after multitasking will be limited to 3-4 apps, but still, comparatively, your phone will be quite fast Now for those.

Who doesn’t want to use developer options but want to make their phone faster So, for them, I have some tips Some Do’s and Don’ts which you have to perform As a first step if you’ve any Anti-virus app Uninstall it right now. These apps only consume your phone’s storage and don’t provide any virus protection.

Do not kill any background app, because every time you re-open apps it takes more process more power and your phone might work slower because of this. So if your phone is now slow, then try not to kill background apps.

Don’t Try to Root your device

Don’t Try to Root your device because ROM provided by the manufacturer is stable But after rooting you will not get any idea of its stabling or unstable, Better not to ROOT your device.

Uninstall RAM cleaner

If it is provided by the company, so it’s better not to use it anyway Because all these RAM Cleaners are not at all effective. So Do not download these types of apps And if you have one in your open then do uninstall it right now.

These were some tips. I tried to make this short, But what to do it’s okay, you finally get an idea that HOW TO MAKE YOUR SMARTPHONE FASTER By changing the settings So, If you Like this post, Do like, if you find it’s useful to share with your friends and comment.


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