We’re going to be looking at eight signs your phone has a virus you may think that only Android phones can get viruses but these viruses can affect iPhones, Androids, or any other phone. So in this article, we’re going to know signs your phone has been hacked and has a virus, some ways to prevent that from ever happening to you.

Why Hack Phones?

Many hackers put viruses onto phones, which allow them to be used even when you’re not using it. This means the phone may be used remotely by someone else they can make it so the phone looks totally normal, but without your knowledge, there’s another app running in the background. This will usually be app clicking ads, this is something called ad fraud and that’s where someone takes over your phone to click ads to make them money but even scarier.

It could be a surveillance app running that you don’t know about someone could be using your phone’s microphone to listen to your every conversation or maybe even looking at you all the time using your phone’s camera.

1. Warm phone

hack phones

It’s no secret that sometimes our phones do get warm for example if we use them in the Sun. If we just use them for too long and take up a lot of data this is because that the battery is getting overworked and it makes the phone very hot because phones don’t have great cooling systems this means many phones can get very warm very fast.

However, if your phone’s getting warm even when you don’t make a call or use it then this is a sign that your phone’s been hacked. so if your phone’s getting warm even when you’re not making a call or using it then this means you should be worried look at the other signs in this list and decide as your phone may have a virus.

2. Unknown numbers

Unknown numbers

This one you need to open your recent calls, if you have many recent calls from unknown numbers then his is a clear sign your phone has a virus. Have you ever been called by one of those automated machines well sometimes those just hacked phones people can? Actually, hack your phone number and then use a computer to control it remotely they can then use your phone number to start calling other numbers and selling them things or scan.

In case you’re wondering a lot of the time they do charge it to you many people don’t look in their recent call, so they never even find out about this, or when they do it’s too late. So guys make sure that every now and then you check your recent calls for unknown numbers otherwise your phone may have a virus that you don’t know.

3. Can’t switch off

Nowadays people use their phones 24/7 I’m not judging you, I do it too, but one downside to this is it means you almost never turn your phone off. Some people use their phone as an alarm clock so they never switch it off at night but if you’re unable to turn off your device this may mean it’s got a virus.

Some hackers will make it so that once your phone has a virus you can’t turn it off that way your phone, can always be used for whatever they want whether it’s watching and listening to you or using your phone number to scan people or even to commit ad fraud they basically never want you to switch your phone off. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use it too if you go to turn off your phone and it starts dialing other numbers or going on different apps.

Then it likely is hacked it could be a system malfunction but most likely it’s a hacker who’s programmed a virus to make your phone do other things when you go to turn it off.

4. Reboots


Does your phone ever turn off and then on again by itself, well this could be a sign your phone is infected with a virus. Any viruses on phones actually have a reboot function this ensures the phone is always turned on and always has the virus switched on many viruses set their phones to reboot once every 24 hours. So if you’re seeing your phone reboot by itself at least once a day then it definitely has a virus.

5. Invasive ads

So when you use the internet on any phone, it will have some acts these are to help to support websites and companies so there’s usually nothing too bad about them.If your phone is incredibly invasive as this could be a sign of a virus if the adverts actually cover up your entire phone. You can’t get off them until you click the ads then this could be a sign you have adware on your phone.

Adware is a very specific type of virus which is all about adverts it basically bombards you with adverts which you have to click to get out of them making the scammer lots of money adware can even infect your phone with malicious code this means. It’s impossible to get rid of and you’ll have to live with tons of ads on your phone all the time so if you suddenly start noticing and many more ads on your phone then it may not just be websites getting greedy it’s most likely an adware virus which has been downloaded onto your phone the most common ways to get adware viruses is by downloading something illegally.

If you’ve downloaded illegal music or a movie onto your phone then this may come with adware so guys either download the real thing or pay for it. Don’t download it at all otherwise he may be getting some adware and because adware is a multi-billion dollar business this means it’s very hard to get rid of as it’s built very well.

6. Data use

8 Signs For Your Phone Has Virus

We’ve already covered ad fraud this is where people use your phone’s background applications to click ads making them money. Well, guys if you see abnormal data consumption on your phone, if this may mean you have a virus you can go into your user data in your setting. To see how much data you’ve used if your data is an incredibly high number this means your phone likely has a virus.

It will have a breakdown of where the data are being used. If it’s been used in apps you don’t usually use then this is another clear sign you have a virus viruses need to send and receive information from their creators using the Internet. This means you’ll be using way more internet data than you usually do so if your data suddenly searched up then you need to check.

If you’ve got a virus if you have unlimited data, then you may not even notice this in your bill but if you don’t have unlimited data then get ready to run out of it very fast. If you have an ongoing planner then get ready for your premiums to go way up.

7. Battery life

If your phone’s got a virus, it’s likely being used for malicious things 24/7 and because your phone’s being used all the time this means it’s going to take a lot of battery he may just think your phone’s getting old. If your battery is suddenly going down like crazy or maybe you’re just using a buggy or badly written app, but it’s also a scary sign your phone has got a virus whenever you’ve got an unknown app or apps running in the background this will cause your battery to go down very fast. So guys look in your settings and take note of where your battery’s mostly being used, if it’s on an app you don’t use very often then that’s a sign you likely have a virus.

8. Phone bill

phone Security

This is something you don’t even need to look at on your phone this is something anyone who looks at their phone bill often will realize very soon. Some people simply don’t even look at their phone bill and just pay it. But for those who are more responsible with their finances you likely check your phone bill well if your phone bills have gone up dramatically, it may mean you’ve been using more calls or texts or maybe you’ve been using social media and the Internets more than usual.

But don’t be so quick to blame yourself. It may actually be because of a virus, if a virus is using the Internet the entire time it then this is going to cost you money. The virus may be sending out lots of calls and texts using your number or it may be using the internet 24/7 costing you. A hue of cash so guys always check your phone bills and if you see something irregular then contact your cellular provider instantly.


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