Whether we use other apps or not Whatsapp, everyone uses them almost daily. Despite using it daily, this app has a lot of helpful facts and tricks about which people do not know very much. So that our user experience can be improved, and we can also resolve some specific concerts or problems. Also, there is an option so that you can do some fun customization on your WhatsApp. So what is this simple option let us find out in this post?

Secret WhatsApp Tricks

Hide status update:-

Are there people in your contact whom you do not want to show your status. So you can block your status from seeing very easily. Their account will not be completely blocked on WhatsApp, just the specific people will not be able to see your WhatsApp status.

For this, you just have to go to the status, click on the three dots. After that click on status privacy. There you will find these three options  My Contact, My Contacts Except, and Only Share with.. which one can now choose. You can include or exclude people according to your choice.

Avoid Spamming Group:-

Nowadays it often happens to us that people who are not even in our contact list are also adding us in a random Whatsapp group. If you have been troubled by this spamming, then you can stop it very easily. All you have to do is go to the account in your settings then go to privacy. You have to click on the group, then you will be able to select which people you can add to a WhatsApp group.

In it, you will get three options Everyone, My contacts and my contacts except. Of the three, you can select anyone according to yourself.

Customize emoji:-

Do you know that on the status update you can customize emojis according to your own? For this, go to the status, by inserting a photo, when you enter such an emoticon, then you can change their color with color pallets. Now if you use a skin-related emoji, then you can change the skin tone in the same way.

Also, when you add an image to any state by putting an image on it, then you can change its font. For this you type the text on the image, you swipe right to left from the color palate. By which you will see different text styles, you can do this with any gif video. If a Zip file is inserted in your phone storage, you can add text to it in exactly the same way before sending it to a contact. You can also send your contact by changing the same font on it.

Whatsapp audio:-

Usually, when we are sending a voice note, the icons of the mic are clicked. If you find it a bit inconvenient, then instead of long-pressing it, you can drag this icon upwards to the locked icon. This will keep recording and there is no need to long press. You can then send or cancel that recording. With the help of this feature, you can listen and check before sending your voice note.

Many times it happens that we are sending an important message and before sending a voice note, we want to check that we have not missed anything. So we can check it. The way is you drag the speaker icon up, record the voice and then you have to click on the back. Then by going back to the same chat, you will be able to hear what you said.

We can also use audio to send text messages. For this, we do not even need to install any unauthorized app. Click on the speaker icon on the Google keyboard or your default keyboard, which you say will come in the tax form. You can use it to send messages in other languages ​​besides English.

For example, if you want to send a message in Hindi, you can send a message by speaking in Hindi. If you have to send your Hindi message in Devanagari, which is the original script of Hindi. If you want to send in it, then click on the language icon here and select Hindi. After that what you say will come in Devanagari text. This option is useful for those people who are unable to do typing properly even if you do not always use this option, but when you have to send a long text and do not want to type too much, then you can definitely use this option.

So these are the WhatsApp simple tricks and options of WhatsApp, what are your favorite options on WhatsApp, please tell us in our comment section. Share this post with your friends.


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