If you are an android user, then you must have definitely seen the save mode in your Android Mobile. One often gets safe mode by itself several times on your mobile. But do you know in the end what is this safe mode? What is its use basically? And what are the benefits of using it? And what harm to your device? So in the article, we discuss this and, you will know well all these things in detail.

What Is Safe Mode?

The mobile has a safe mode diagnostic mode, with the help of you can easily solve small problems of your Android Mobile.

Suppose these applications in your Android Mobile that is hanging your mobile too much? Slowing down and automatically closing your application. If this happens, open it to our mobile setting, then it happens automatically due to some application.

There is some similar problem in your mobile too, so you can easily fix it by going inside safe mode, or you can fix it. So as soon as your active safe mode from your android mobile, after that the setting of your mobile everything is the default, that is it becomes like a new Mobile.

Along with this, whatever application is installed in your Android mobile, whether it is from the play store or from a third party website, or from the third-party apps store, all the applications from Surrey are automatically inactive from your Android mobile. Whatever your problem is on your Android mobile, as the apps automatically crash, the settings are shutting down automatically, the mobile is hung, or it is running slow. Inside you can easily use your mobile. And by going inside the settings, you can uninstall that application, that is, delete the applications that were causing this problem.

Basically this is the use of safe mode within any Android Mobile.

What does Safe Mode do on Android mobile?

Our mobile goes into a safe mode when we have some problems with the operating system of Android mobile. Or is there any such application on our mobile which is spoiling our mobile’s settings or our mobile. So in such a condition, our mobile which sometimes goes inside safe mode by itself. However, you can turn on safe mode on your mobile or not. And can only close it. So this is the reason that due to which the safe mode is activated automatically in your Android mobile.


The biggest advantage of going into safe mode in Android mobile is that your mobile will neither hang, nor slow, nor any application of your mobile will crash.

Safe Mode do on Android mobile

In this way, you get a new mobile, whatever the settings are in it, whatever application you get, in the same way, you get the same feature under safe mode. Just so much that your data in safe mode is not deleted. That is, your mobile is not a format.

In Safe Mode, your mobile battery is saved to a great extent. Because all the applications that are inside the phone become automatically inactive. Whatever your play store or third-party apps will be installed. If those applications do not run, then the battery that is in your mobile will be saved to a great extent and will run long.


The biggest disadvantage is that in this, you cannot use any kind of third party applications. You must have installed your Play Store or any third-party applications, you cannot use it.

How to turn on Safe Mode in android device?

Very unable to know the whole method. If you search on google, you will get all the results of this. Regarding this, there is a method below.

How to turn on safe mode

  • Turn off your Android Phone.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Release the power button when the phone logo animation turn on.
  • Press and Hold Down volume key.
  • Release down volume key and unlock your Android Phone.
  • See your Mobile in Safe Mode.

How to exit Safe Mode in android device?

The same process will be done to disable safe mode.

how to remove safe mode on Android

  • Switch off your device.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Release the power button when the device logo animation is on.
  • Press & Hold Volume Down Key.
  • Release Down Key and Unlock your device.
  • Enjoy your device has disabled Safe Mode.

I hope you understand what is Safe Mode and its benefits and loss. If you face any problem, please comment on your query to comment box. I help you soon. thank you for reading this article. Keep Smiling.


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