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DEVELOPER: Lifelike Studios
PUBLISHER: Time2Play Gaming Studios

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PUBG Mobile surprised the mobile gaming world as it made its presentation in 2018 to turn into an overwhelmingly positive sensation. It immediately got one of the most famous mobile games all around. Presently, MPL, in a joint effort with Mumbai-based game engineer Lifelike Studios, has at long last propelled India’s actual rival to PUBG Mobile, called Rogue Heist India.

Following in the strides of PUBG and Fortnite. Rogue Heist is India’s first indigenous multi-player online shooter game solely on the MPL application, in front of different stages. The game will incorporate an activity stuffed Esport mode, for example, BRAWL. Each game endures just seven minutes, in which 10 players rival against one another to take the most extreme measure of cash.

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The Concept Behind Rogue Heist

To make it worth an Esports competition, MPL will incorporate a leaderboard framework. Here top players will win money prizes on MPL, changing over their virtual money heist with genuine cash for takes. Similar Studios CEO has expressed that “The greatest test was to lessen the size of the game from 1.5GB to 450MB for MPL customers while up ’til now having the alternative to give the authentic Rogue Heist understanding. As this is a live game, we plan on giving reliable updates to keep MPL customers secured”.

rogue_heist game
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MPL’s Rogue Heist will be allowed to download from the iOS App Store and Google Play. It will dispatch at some point in the not so distant future. Android customers can pre-register for beta access on the Rogue Heist Play Store page. Simply sign into the Play Store with your Google record, tap the “pre-register” button. Clients will naturally get selected and will get a warning when the beta is accessible for every qualified gadget.

Who is going to win it?

Pictures from ROGUE HEIST official Site

Heist has always been a one-sided game and you have always played it from either side, attempting to heist or battling off the miscreants. In any case, consider the possibility that both sides were there to heist. Introducing ROGUE HEIST, there is nothing but bad or awful sides here; only two groups set in opposition to one another.

Rough Heist is no Longer a One-sided Game

Sniper Ground Crew Co-Op Action

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Get down to heist with a sniper paying special mind to you. With 3 playable jobs to browse as a ground group, outfitted with various weapons and a very much planned sniper in real life; each game is very extreme.

High-Tech Heist

High-Tech Heist
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Welcome to the current heist where it’s not, at this point pretty much plundering money. Hacking into an encoded safe, taking, moving a profoundly flimsy yet uncommon bundle, and making sure about it securely are only a portion of the urgent things you do in a match.

Strategic Teamplay

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Rogue heist is tied in with assembling the ideal group. With 4 jobs to browse; sniper, programmer, backing, and ambush, whatever blend you pick can influence your game and result in both. Players need to work in a state of harmony to perform assignments or bite the dust on account of the adversary competing for a similar objective.

All Game Modes

Two Teams, One Goal

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An exceptional interpretation of heisting in games. 6v6 first group to extricate 3 bundles first dominates the game.


Deathmatch ROGUE HEIST
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What happens when you enter a match and drop dead. A customary Deathmatch; where you can’t keep your hands off that trigger. Natural yet fun, it’s everything about weapon play.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch ROGUE HEIST
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At the point when your colleagues call, you answer. A team deathmatch(TDM), where you and your group ascend against the rivals in a slaughtering binge to win everything.

Characters in ROGUE HEIST


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The chief of the group; driving the trap, watching out for the rival group on the ground, and sniper both are your key undertakings.

Communicating with the ground crew updating them about the opponent’s movement and position are your biggest weapons.


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Heisting is impossible without you!!! You bring in the tech that lets the team hack and transport safely. Any team without a hacker is like a chink in the armor, making them vulnerable to the unstable and inflammable package they are sent to steal.


ROGUE HEIST assult team
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You are the foundation of every ambush done right. As an attack, you do the grimy clothing; wipe out any adversary you see coming in your group’s way. Simply keep those eyes and ears open and your trigger finger prepared to firearm them down.


Rogue Heist India's own PUBG Mobile Competing game apk+ Obb 2020
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As the name suggests, our main responsibility is to help the hacker. You are the person who remains between mischief’s way and the Hacker. With an additional edge of exceptional weaponry, you ensure the street to heist is smooth and safe.

Weapons of Rogue Heist

Assault Rifles

AKL · AOG · Baretta · M4-18 · Mark 8

Submachine Guns

MP5 · MP7 · VEC-25



Sniper Rifles

AI AX50 · Barrett M82 · PSG1 · Remington SMR


M1911 · DEAGLE · FN57

Specialist Weapons

Tazer Gun · Frag Grenade · Smoke Grenade

Rogue Heist APK+OBB

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