As you know, the phone that is Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme, you get to see a cleaner app inside it. In Xiaomi’s phone, you get to see a Cleaner application under Security settings. Oppo and Realme’s phone is in them, you get to see the phone manager application, inside which there is an application. Whom the government has banned, but it is completely running on all the phones whether it is of Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo.

Remove Clean Master app Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo Phones

Why Uninstall Cleaner app

If you go to the settings of the phone, you will see that the Clean Master app inside it is from the Cheeta Mobile app which is a company that transfers all your data over China Servers and shares it from there. It has been banned apps by the Indian Government, but so far any company like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme who have banned some apps, but you can see this application in the Security app and the rest of Realme’s phone as a phone manager.

Get it so far those apps have not been Clean master removed on your phone. Talking about the permission inside it, all this permission is for your phone you cannot disable anyone’s permission from here. You have also allowed the permission of your contact, the calendar, location, microphone, physical activity, storage, telephone makes all the permissions disabled by default and you are unable to disable anyone. So we will know how you can remove this application from your Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme phone OS. You will not have to root, you need a PC or Laptop and you can remove this Cleaner Application with a simple one click.

If Again, an update comes on the phone and the company installs this application inside your phone again, then you will get to see the same application again. So you have to follow the same method again to remove it.

How to Remove Clean master app step-by-step

  • First of all, you have to enable the developer option of your phone and go to Phone Settings then click about phone.
  • Must tap 8 to 10 times above MIUI version and you will find below You are now a developer”.

  • Now simply go to your phone’s Additional Settings and go to developer option and enable it.

remove cleaner app

If you are using an Oppo or Realme phone, your settings may be slightly different, but you will get also the developer option.

  • Then enable USB Debugging and press OK. Connect your Laptop/PC and your phone with USB.

  • Click OK to popup “Allow USB Debugging”.

  • After successfully connect in PC, open the first adb Setup file.

remove cleaner app

  • You will double click it and it will be installed in your PC, install all the adb and fast boot drivers. You will keep typing ‘Y’, which means ‘YES’ you can update these drivers in your PC.

  • Click next to complete the setup.

remove cleaner app

  • After that the second file Tool all in one unzip then open the extracted folder, double click on Setup.exe.(working on Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo all android mobiles)

remove cleaner app

  • Running this software now shows your mobile model number. If your mobile model number does not appear click the check button. (Remember to make sure your mobile-enabled with USB Debugging mode)

remove cleaner app

  • After verifying your phone model number, Click below the button name as “APK Uninstaller”.

  • By clicking on it, all the APKs show which are installed on your phone. You can search for any application in which your apps uninstall your phone.

remove cleaner app

  • We will search the Cleaner app in it, If you not found click Search by Name and type com.miui.cleanmaster.

  • After that select com.miui.cleanmaster and tap to “Uninstall Selected apps”.

remove cleaner app

  • Then appear a black screen that has written “Uninstalling com.miui.cleanmaster success Press any key to continue” then press any key of the keyboard.

  • That’s great you have successfully uninstalled the Clean master application in your android device. Go to your mobile check cleaner app working or not.

  • You can also uninstall all other system apps in this tool but careful we are not recommended for any other system apps on your device.


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