Good news has come for those who have mobile phones, and bad news for those who steal mobile phones. And this news has come from the government. Actually, it is not two, but it is the same news, and tell you what the matter really is.

The Department of Telecom has launched a portal on which you can easily block your stolen mobile and can also locate it. Also, by visiting this portal you can do something that the thief will not be able to sell your stolen phone. It may be that the thief will return your phone or stop stealing. Because the stolen mobile will not be of any use to him.

phone is stolen

The government has prepared a database in the name of Central Equipment Identity Resistor, every mobile phone’s IMEI number is recorded in this database. And if your phone is lost or stolen, all you have to do is go to the CEIR portal and complain there, and as soon as you complain, your lost mobile phone will be locked. And after that, the phone will not support any network.

This portal has another advantage and it is for those who buy second-hand phones. Whenever you buy an old phone, there is a fear that if the phone is stolen or not in such a situation by going to the CEIR portal. You can also check whether the phone is blacklisted. If the phone is blacklisted, its IMEI number is duplicated or if the phone is already insecure do not buy it. So you will have many benefits from this portal but not one.

So let us know how you can supplement your lost or stolen phone. For this, you must first go to the portal of CEIR. There you will find three options Block Stolen/Lost Mobile, Un-block Found Mobile, and Check Request Status.

If you want to Block your mobile, then click on Block Stolen or Lost Mobile. After this, you will be asked for some details of you and your phone, such as the mobile number IMEI number. If your phone is a Dual SIM, then enter both the phone number and the IMEI number.

You also have to mentor which brand the phone belongs to, and you will also have to tell what its model number is. Also, you have to upload a copy of the invoice ie bill. And you also have to tell where and when the phone was stolen and in which state and district it was stolen, and its police station. In this, you will also have to upload a copy of the police complaint FIR. After this, you will enter your name, identity address, and mobile number in this form and confirm it. The government will do further work.

Right now the service of this portal is only for the mobile users of Delhi and Maharashtra. Services are available for the rest of the state too.

Now your phone will be blocked and any network will not work. If you get some information about your phone, then it will be passed on to you. If you get your phone then you can also unlock your phone by going to this portal. For this, you have to go to the portal and click on Un-block Found Mobile and give the details, after that you will have to confirm it. After a few days, your phone will be unblocked after the verify. To know the status of your complaint, you have to go to the portal and click on Check Request Status.

What you should do if you steal or lose your phone, I have told you through your article. Please comment on how much you got from this information and share this information with your friends. So that your friends also know about it.


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