Today we are going to talk about the top battle royals game, which I think in this lockdown you will want the top mobile games which is the game, there is nothing old, you will know what it is and something that is Are also coming So these top games are very amazing.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile image

Everyone knows the most favorite loser is someone who is most streamed on YouTube, the less he praises, the better we all know PUBG Mobile. This is its 0.18.0 version, which has created a lot of excitement by taking the Miramar update here, and everyone is enjoying it very much. You can play in a new one way, Miramar map is being liked by many people, and later we keep on getting more updates of what is there. There are some changes to be seen. So I think you should play this game. Everyone plays it. So you can go and download from such Google Play Store.


Fortnite mobile game picture

Season 2 of Fortnite is going to come here very soon within a few days. And it’s going to be awesome. And this game is a bit bigger, around 7 GB. But those who play it, know the quality of this game. Very amazing mobile game. But just a high-end device is required, and after that, it runs very perfectly in your device. Is a very amazing Battle Royal game. If you are online, then the data will be your use, then I also understand it. Download what you have directly on Google Play Store.

Call Of Duty Mobile

Top Free Open World Game for Android Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is different. No more updates come from this. And very amazing updates come. Now its Season 6 ONCE UPON A TIME IN RUST is going on. You have not installed this game download yet, and if you are busy with some games, then download it quickly. The best update of this year is going to be season 7. In season 6, you are also getting new characters, weapons, new battle pass, and 50 tier rewards. In this, there is a new saloon map in which you can enjoy the game by killing the enemy of the 1v1 game. You can download up call of duty Mobile game from Google Play Store in up free.

Free fire

Free Fire Mobile game pictures

Free fire game is an amazing open-world game, people who keep playing it enjoy it very much. And some updates keep coming every month. And let me tell you that the best thing is that it runs on every device. And the game is the same, which goes on every phone, it should not happen that there should not be partiality in the limited device, who is better than anyone, who has a small phone. So everything goes on. So you can download from the Play Store by going direct.

Life after

life after mobile game picture

Life after the game, which is very special, is very big. Take the Open World game and battle royal, not the action game. Strangely, you get to see zombie, many bosses with whom you have to fight. Your game is very good online and its graphics are very amazing. So you must also try it once from the Google Play Store.

Code: T Theseus

Code T Theseus mobile game picture

This game is being compared to its trailer, which is exactly the same as it is from Cyberpunk 2077, which will be seen in PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5 all. In Android, you will get to see this game within a few months. This is an open world and city action game, it cannot be called Battle Royal, it is very different, there is a very amazing storyline from very amazing Graphics. Very amazing futuristic game in the Android world, you will get to see the iOS world very soon. So you have to wait a little bit.

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja mobile game picture

Recently also launched on Google PlayStore, which is named Dragon Raja. This is also a very big game, let me tell you that 3GB from your Play Store will take up about space which goes around 5GB total. Graphics inside the game is very amazing, full of full Story Line. If you are a fan of Story Mode, then I think this game is perfect for you. You are going to enjoy playing a lot, and online, it is a very amazing story, and you have a little fight with the boss. So you can download it from the Play store.

Area F2

Area f2 mobile game

This is coming back from the Google Play store, it has been heard like this. This game was very amazing and people liked it very much. So its who’s who is in demand again. Rainbow 6 people claimed this. Same as designing a game, but you are ending a lot of things. And soon we will get it back on our Google Play Store again, so its crazy people who will be able to download it too.

Warface: Global Operations

warface mobile game

This Warface game now running Season 6. This game has the Best amazing realistic Graphics open-world game. There is some dynamic fast-paced combat and easy to learn combat controls. This Android mobile game takes data space 1.5 GB. This is the most popular shooting game in PC and game console. In the Android warface game have a similar feature like PC. Every player aspect is the best shooting game experience on mobile. You can also free download with Google Play Store for the better shotting experience.


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