How to Uninstall any App on an Android Phone including Pre-Installed apps In this post we will learn, how to uninstall any app. It could be an app installed by you or it could be a pre-installed app on the mobile.

How to Uninstall any App on an Android Phone

Why should you uninstall an app Why is this required?

You may have installed an app some time back And you don’t use it anymore or the app was pre-installed on your phone. And you have never used the app Whatever be the reason Having a huge number of apps increases our battery usage and they also consume memory. So we uninstalling them you can free up your phone memory & save your battery. Let’s see 4 ways to uninstall apps.

The first 3 methods can be used by anyone They are extremely easy The last method is slightly difficult. It can prove to be slightly technical for regular users. I have used a Samsung A30 & a Samsung Note 5 phone & these are Android phones.

First Method

The first method is the easiest – Go to Apps – select the app & uninstall it in a few seconds. Let’s see this Let’s assume you want to uninstall this app called Freefall Go to Apps Find the app. Here is the app Keep your finger on this for some time you will see 4 different icons on top. Drag the app to the Uninstall icon on top you will receive an alert that the app will be uninstalled, Click on Uninstall. The icon of the app has disappeared from our screen. If you go to Apps you will not be able to find that App, this means that this app has been uninstalled now.

Second Method

The second way is also easy but it involves a few steps you can go to Settings & Application Manager & uninstall the app from there. Let’s see how to do this we will have to go the phone Settings Click & Open the phone Settings Scroll down to Applications Select & Open the Application Manager. The Application Manager is opening up, These are all the apps that are downloaded on my mobile. These are the apps on the SD card These are all the cached processes which are currently running on the phone. You can see your system RAM here, how much of the system RAM is being consumed by apps, And how much system RAM is free right now.

The App RAM usage here & how much RAM is being consumed by each app. Select the app that you want to uninstall. I want to uninstall the app Click to select app All the information about this app is displayed here. You can scroll down and view the details choose to force stop this app as well Or you can uninstall it.

Third Method

The third method you can install an uninstaller app on your mobile phone and with its help you can uninstall multiple apps together in one batch. I will tell you the names of two apps here and demonstrate the use of one app, this is the app Easy Uninstaller & this is the other app Uninstaller Both these apps allow you to uninstall apps in batches. You can use either of the 2 apps I will show the use of Easy Uninstaller You can install this app from the Play Store.

I have already installed it previously, so I will open it Click on the app to open it I can see all the apps that were in the application manager. But I can delete more than one app at one time here Select multiple apps to uninstall. Now we need to uninstall these apps At the bottom there is an Uninstall button and it shows 4 in brackets. That meaning I have selected 4 apps to uninstall Click on the Uninstall button. It is notifying us that the app Gif Me will be uninstalled Click on Uninstall The first app has been uninstalled. Now it is notifying us that the 2nd app Gif Edit & Maker will be uninstalled. Click on Uninstall The app Gif Edit & Maker has been uninstalled Click on Uninstall to uninstall the 3rd app. The 3rd app has also been uninstalled the last app has also been uninstalled We saved a no. of steps here & we were able to uninstall 4 apps quickly. It is important to note that these apps have a problem. The problem with these apps is that it is difficult to uninstall pre-installed apps.

Fourth Method

That’s where the 4th method is useful Our phones have a no. of pre-installed apps and these can’t be uninstalled easily In this fourth method we will see how to uninstall these pre-installed apps for this your phone needs to be rooted. This method will not work if your phone is not rooted. How do we find out whether our phone is rooted or not? There is an app for this – Root Checker You can install this app from Play Store. I have already installed this app Click on the Root Checker icon to open the app Root Checker. Basic will open Click on Verify Root Status at the top this phone is not rooted. If your phone is not rooted you will see an alert like this on the screen there are no. of advantages of rooting your phone. You get greater control over your phone.

You need to go to the top of the screen which states Backup/Restore Click on Backup/Restore You can see all your apps here. The items in red were pre-installed on your phone If you remove these pre-installed items you may face issues later Think carefully before you delete any pre-installed item. Deleting a pre-installed item may cause your phone to become unstable & cause problems with the operating system.

We describe 4 steps to a solution regarding uninstalling unwanted apps on your Android Device.


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