Every mobile phone has some special codes and people call them secret codes. Generally, these codes are used during the testing of the phone, such that it is known that your phone is or is not working properly and there is no problem in it. Whenever you go to the service center with your phone with a minor issue, then you test your phone within 3-4 minutes and use these codes on your phone. After that, you tell us that the camera is malfunctioning in your phone or there is an issue on the screen, the battery is not working properly, that you are not getting a voice in the speaker or there is an issue in the microphone.

Secret Codes for Quality Test in Android Devices Samsung, Mi, Vivo Mobiles

After using these codes, the people of the service center put the problem in front of you very easily and you find out what the problem is on your phone. Today I will tell you about some useful codes, which you can put on your phone and check whether your phone is working properly and there is no problem in it. Together these codes will also work when you take a second-hand phone. By putting these secret codes on your phone, you can check whether the phone you have taken is in 100% working condition or not.

Let’s talk about Samsung phone first! So if you use a Samsung device, you will go to its dialer and type *#0*#. After this, an option will come, the full menu will come testing menu and through this, you will be able to check up whether your phone is working properly or not. First click on the option, it will bring your mobile color. In this, you can check the RGB color of your phone.

If you click on the receiver option, then the speaker of your mobile can listen to the sound while making an up call, and you can test the speaker to see if it is low. In Vibration, you can check Vibration. By clicking Mega Cam, the camera is doing the right job of your phone. All the cameras are four cameras on your phone, so you can check all four. And different HD modes will all be checked on night mode. Sensor, you can check the phone, like accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope sensor, magnetic sensor, fingerprint you can take, though these options you can check all the sensors.

So through all these options, you will be able to easily check whether your phone is able to work properly or not. Even if you take an old phone, try all these options on that phone. You have given a call to someone and if they return your phone, then through these options you will be able to check whether your phone is safe or not.

If you are a MI phone user and use any phone of Redmi, then there is a different code for it. For this, you will simply go to the dialer and type *#*#64663#*#*, now you will get a list of options, inside it again there will be a lot of options as you saw in the Samsung phone. You can also check the color RGB up, if you click on it, the screen will continue, now you will be able to check the red color, after that you will check green and then the blue color will come. After that, your speaker will get the option to check. You will be able to check up the speaker’s sound in it. After that you can play music with the option, you can also test GPS. Apart from this, you can also check Wifi, Bluetooth, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor check. In this menu list, all the hardware of your phone can be checked.

For Vivo phone secret codes, you will go to the up dial and type *#558# after this, you will get a test option, in this, you can check your mobile. On the Engineering test, you can check whether everything is working properly on your phone. Vibrate test at the top, followed by fall test, motor test, motor vibration test, charging test, you can check your phone. You will also be able to check the camera PDAF test, front camera test, back camera test, LCM watermark test, back sub camera test. In this manner, others can also test up. Through this code, all the problems in your Vivo phone, you can check yourself.

Here are some codes that you can use on your phone to know whether your phone is working properly or not. Its camera speaker battery is everything that you can check and you can perform a quality check in it through these secret codes sitting in your house.

These codes Samsung, Vivo, MI reduce in almost every phone in these three brands. If you are using any model of these three phones in which these codes are not working, then you can tell us through comments.


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