Mathematics is boring, right? Actually not. But the way most of us look at mathematics, or the way we are taught, can seem dull. It has become a common opinion of many students that Maths is a very difficult subject.

If you have also learned subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division, algebra turns out to reduce your grade. Apart from this, equations, theorems, geometries, and formulas can also be a headache for you. But don’t worry now, Android has made everything easy. Thankfully, learning basic mathematics from complex mathematics in Android not only makes it easier but also fun.

It provides you with apps that provide step by step guide to solve all your math problems and understand critical questions. Here are some of the top apps among the best. These apps will use not only for those who are not ready to use their extra knowledge to solve math problems but also for those who are ready to learn.

This app is not only for students, but it will prove invaluable for all Indian parents who have to take the homework on their children after coming home from their duties.

Microsoft Maths Solver:-

The Microsoft Mathematics Solver application furnishes help with different issues including number-crunching, polynomial math, trigonometry, statistics, calculation, and different subjects utilizing a propelled AI-fueled math solver.

Microsoft math solver app


You just draw a mathematics problem in the screen or use the camera to photo snap a math picture.

Microsoft Mathematics Problem Solver instantly identify the problem wth This helps you solve the same problems from solution steps full explanations, graphs, web, and online video lectures are available in.

Get help with your homework problems and gain the confidence to master techniques with Microsoft Mathematics.

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Math Tricks:-

This app is designed for those who want to learn interesting math journeys to speed up calculus. These tricks will help to solve mathematical problems and you can also solve mathematical problems much faster than before.

Math Tricks app

When you learn these math tricks, you can show your skills to your friends and prove that you are now talented in mathematics. Now you can use this skill in stores, schools, colleges, and your work.

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Those who have used any app in the past to solve mathematics with the name mathematics. The service is meant to solve problems with accelerated math, but now it is also available on Android.

Mathematics app

In this app you can easily enter manual express and answers will be found. This app helps you do your math homework. Apart from this, this app not only solves your Maths questions but also shows how to solve it correctly, this Teach-in app will eliminate your Maths fears.

In it, you can solve equations such as linear, quadratic, cubic, transpose, variable with formulas, sums, products, and sequences. In addition, it can calculate tangent, asymptomatic, intercept.

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The Apps has utilized any product and sites in the past to unravel science will be comfortable names with the name Mathway. The administration is intended to tackle problems with quickened math, yet now it is additionally accessible on Android. This free application gives all of you the instruments so you can unravel any mathematical equation, regardless of how unpredictable.

MathWay app

In this application you can without much of a stretch enter manual express and answers will be found. This application encourages you to do your math schoolwork. This application illuminates your maths inquiries as well as instructs how to fathom it effectively. You should simply add the equation to it and tap on the enter button.

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As it suggests apps, Photomath application is a free app that can solve the equation through your phone cameras. This app is not only an answer sheet for children but also provides a step by step guide on how to solve each problem. This guide can be helpful for students who do not have access to education and have to struggle to solve the math problem. Parents also find it useful when they are teaching mathematics to their children.

photomath app

PhotoMath app currently supports arithmetic problem signs, fractions and decimals, power, and basic and simple one-line equations. But currently, but not support hand-written expressions. Therefore in this, you should only scan the printed equation on the Math note or notebook.

To use this application, place the phone above the equation. You can resize to adjust the size and shape of the frame. Then its result will appear red on the screen.

You can see how tapping the step button solves this problem.

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My Script Calculator:-

MyScript calculator apps have amazing handwriting recognition, allowing you to write mathematical expressions on your mobile screen and this app resolves them instantly. These are like writing on paper, but with this app, you also get the right answer.

My Script Calculator app

This app is perfect for all students and users who want to do click count. The MyScript Calculator converts hand return numbers and symbols into an explicit notification and immediately resolves this math expression.

In adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, you can also solve the trigonometric function by written degrees of sin, cos, tan, and angle in it. This app supports complex expressions, you can add an Exporter to it, draw a radical symbol for the square root, draw a line to divide by another number.

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MalMath: Step by step solver:-

MalMath apps give you the solution to all the difficult questions which are related to derivatives, limits, algebra, and more. With this, your math score will improve quickly and you will be able to understand the complex detail of your questions and graphs. This app can also be useful for teachers to do various math tests.

MalMath app

With this application, also you can solve all the mathematical problems easily. It comes with very easy steps to understand interface and you will have no problem in understanding how this app works.

Simply put, type the equation in this app and this app will solve it.

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Maths Formulas Free:-

Math Formulas Free apps contain all the basic formulas need to solve Mathematical operations. These are very comfortable for high school or college students and engineers to any easy or hard formulas easy to found.

Maths Formulas Free

It has many types of formulas including geometry, algebra, differential, integration, matrix, and statistics. In addition, there are some math tricks that can simplify calculations and are ways of remembering the mathematical process.

This application has many tools for calculating geometric shapes and finding the root of the equation. Users can share any thread with their friends via email, message or Facebook.

This app has a unit conversion table, math tricks, and many tools options. To access this information, all you have to do is tap on its subject.

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Graphing Calculator by Math-Lab:-

If you go to the market then get a graphical calculator, you will need to have spent money, but there will be many apps in the play store that have all the same functions.  Math-Lab’s graphing calculator is the best and it works really well to solve math problems.

Graphing Calculator by Math Lab app

The graphing calculator inbuilt the graphical calculator with an algebra solver and is essential for a mathematical tool for any school, college, technical or graduate students.

This app has two strengths. At first, it serves as a good scientific calculator, but, more than that, it displays all the stages of calculus. In it, students can observe and learn how calculations are being done and final answers are obtained. It’s graphics capability which is absolutely best like another. It not only displays graphs cool, but it automatically generates x and y values and displays them as simple way.

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These are some apps that can solve mathematical problems. Now you have all the tools for mathematics and calculating operations. But if you are a really gud student and you need to solve your mathematical problems, then you will find all the mathematics solutions apps on this list.


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