Does your phone even hang? Does your phone work slow? Is it not responding even after tapping repeatedly? If yes, today we will know what is the mobile hanging problem in this article or what will be its solution. The tips that I will tell you, if you apply it to your mobile, then your phone will start reducing like a new phone. Your phone will run like smooth butter.

android mobile hangig problem solve

How fast it works when the phone is new! But as soon as the phone becomes old, its performance slows down completely. That is to say, when you install apps inside your phone, then the performance of the phone slows down. And the phone sometimes becomes freeze. And only by restarting it starts to reduce again. So if your phone also listens less and makes up its mind, then if you follow the tips and tricks that you will give in this post, then your phone will once again give a lack-free performance.

If your phone is running slow, or hanging issue So first of all, you delete and disable pre-installed apps or such apps on the phone which we never use. So this will give you two benefits, one will bring free space on your phone. And others will have less load on your handset. The second short up is to go to the settings of your phone and click on the option of apps. Go there and see how many of these are of your use, and how many you have installed mistakely.

So by going here, if you see someone who you have forgotten by installing, then delete them. Because it is also a way that your phone is giving a slow performance. To delete unwanted apps.

If you have installed third-party apps such as RAM Booster, Speed ​​Booster, or any Killer apps on your phone, then mobile is performing slow. Today’s smartphone has the feature of memory management, which means that it can manage its memory efficiency itself. These killer apps are the ones that damage your phone more and reduce the benefits. For this, first, you delete these Killer apps from your phone. Do not install them on your phone at all. It is the apps that are installed on your phone, go to settings, and clear their cache. The cache saves some temporary files and data locally of your apps and browsers. So that the apps which load up, then open as soon as possible. But over the time cache, the data becomes slightly more and starts affecting the memory.

The cure for this is that you go to their app settings and clear the cache. You can do one more thing to boost the speed of the phone, and it disable the animation.

You get a smooth experience from the instrument of animation. But the phone performs slower than its instruments. To disable Animation, go to phone settings, and scroll downwards click on there. In the About phone, you will get the option of Build Number, and you will have to click on it many times. When you keep clicking, a message will appear on the display, “you are now a developer“. After this, you go to the settings again and there will be a new option this time, in the name of Developer option. If you click on the Developer option, you will get three options in the name of transition animation scale, windows animation scale, and animation duration scale. And you can also set all three on .5x or off the scale.

By following these tips and tricks, you can increase the speed of your phone, with this, if you are hanging on your phone, then you can also solve it. I hope you liked this information. Please share this if you feel it helpful, Thank you.


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