5G network is a world where everything will be very fast, and very smart. Electronic devices will communicate among themselves. The cars running on the road will talk to each other. The task that takes you many hours to do today, that moon will be done in the second. .5G will not only bring speed with you but change your whole life.

Let’s share some things with you today about 5G, and tell you how 5G will change your world. If you look at the top right side of your phone’s display, then you will probably see 4G, 4G LTE, or 3G written. This means Generation of Wireless Technology Network.

what is 5g technology

Years ago, when 1G came in 1980, people were able to talk about it for themselves. 1G Network used to work on Analog, and you could only call on it. After this, 2G came in the ’90s, in this we got GPRS i.e. Global Packet Radio Service. And through this, E-mails came on the phone and a slow internet connection came. Then at the time, 3G came, and after its arrival, the internet connectivity on the phone became faster, and also became reliable. You know about 4G, that it changed your phone into a mini-computer. But 5G is going to be different and very advance. This will be the largest generation shift ever in Mobile Networking Technology.

The first big change that 5G will bring is Superfast speed. But how fast? Two times (2x), ten times (10x), fifty times (50x) no 5G, will be about 100 times faster than 4G. Now imagine the speed, for example, it used to take you 26 hours to download a 2 hour HD movie on 3G, on 4G you had to wait for 6 to 7 minutes for that, even when your network is on the pick. On 5G, you will be able to download a 2-hour movie in just 3.30 seconds.

So those who face the issue of buffering on YouTube and other streaming platforms will call it goodbye forever. You will click here and HD and 4K videos will also be loaded in a millisecond. The speed of 5G will be faster than any fiber optic cable installed in your house. Knowing the speed of 5G, if you feel that 5G is going to be the most amazing feature. So wait for this big change which 5G will bring for you, that is low latency. You can also call low latency response time.

After giving your command, or after clicking, how much time the network takes to respond is called latency? If you give any command or click on the 4G network, then it responds in 50 to 100 milliseconds, which is faster than the blink of an eye. Human reaction time is around 300 millisecond, but 5G will respond to you in just 1 millisecond. Just 300 times speed than a blink of an eye. Almost you will be able to do everything in real-time without any lag or latency.

Let me explain with an example of what is the benefit of low latency imagine that red traffic is on the light signal. The signal is green and you remove the foot from the break, but the next second car breaks apply itself and the car stops. This happened because your car made sense that there is another car that is doing side by side approach. She is so fast that the red light will break and go forward. You hear that car’s fast-moving sound and your life is saved. If your car motion sensors, a camera, which is today’s technology, would have used them, then the car would have crashed. But because she was contacting another vehicle with the help of 5G networks, so she knew the direction of travel, speed, brake position of the other car.

This is possible due to the low latency, where the response time is almost 1millisecond.

5G will change your life completely. After 5G automatic vehicles or self-driving cars will come which will be connected among themselves and will change your life? 100’s of self-driving cars will be running along the well, without any traffic jam, they will know each other’s position. The machines will talk to you and will automatically do all your work on your instruction. Your refrigerator will talk to you with the 5G instrument the self-driving truck will bring your fruit vegetables, the washing machine will be connected to you. And this network trap will be for you and will make your life easier.

Another major benefit of 5G will be in health care. The machines will be connected to 5G and in real-time, then the expert surgeon will be able to perform remote surgery, meaning the doctor will be in one corner of the world and the patient will be able to perform the operation of the patient with the help of Robert Arms. You will be able to do online gaming in real-time and experience everything through gear.

After all, how will all these be able to be possible and how is 5G so fast, let’s know?

5-millimeter waves of speed and low latency. Millimeter waves the wave of radiofrequency. Your smartphone and other electronic devices use to certain frequencies on the radio frequency spectrum, and these frequencies are within 6GHz. If the smarts are connected together then this frequency becomes crowded. Your service provider is able to give limited data only to that person. Because of this, when more people are using the connection, the network becomes slow, or at night when less users then the speed of the Internet is faster. This problem will go through the millimeter-wave solution. Because millimeter wave will work at a frequency of 30 to 300GHz instead of 6GHz.

Till now only radar systems and satellites used millimeters. On 4G, 10 lakh devices can be connected within 500 square kilometers. On 5G you will be able to connect 1000000 devices in 1 square kilometer.

You get speed connectivity low latency with Millimeter waves, but there are some flaws in it. Millimeter waves cannot travel very far. If an obstacle was interposed between them, it would not be able to offer proper connectivity. If you have a 5G network box at a distance of 600 meters from your house, then you will not be able to get 5G connectivity, because the millimeter range is around 300 to 400 meters. The millimeter-wave could not provide proper connectivity even in rain. So to bring 5G to every destination, new infrastructure will be required and many small cells will have to be sold in a small area for connectivity and also in the building. Work is also going on how to get the millimeter waves easily to you. That’s why 5G implementation will take a long time.

Tell me in the comment section how much you are waiting for 5G and how helpful this post was to you.


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